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PTW Spartan Necklace - Civilize The Mind, Make Savage The Body, Inspirational Quote Necklace For Men



Men's Spartan inspiration helmet necklace in silver and bronze. This handcrafted and hand stamped men's Spartan helmet, fine silver and bronze trashed and textured dog tag necklace is raw and masculine. It's hammered and slashed texture creates a rustic modern but vintage look. The back is hand stamped with the motivational quote "Civilize the mind, make savage the body."

'Sparta' means greatly disciplined

This listing includes:

- an approx 5/8" x 1" fine silver trashed tag with a soldered, hand cut, pure bronze Spartan helmet
- the hand stamped quote "Civilize the mind, make savage the body."
- a sterling silver 2mm ball chain oxidized for a vintage look


How it's made:

Pure or fine precious silver is 99.9% pure, making it more desirable and more expensive that sterling silver. It starts as a clay that can be molded, stamped and textured in any way imaginable. I roll the clay and weigh it for a uniform size. No 2 pieces will ever be the same in shape but the weight will. It will be perfectly imperfect with raw edges and a rustic, old world feel with texture lines. I take the texture even further by using a variety of tools and techniques to give it a modern trashed look. I then let it dry, sand it to smoothness, and fire it in a kiln for 3 hours. Once fired, it is solid 99.9% pure silver and the finished size is approx 5/8" x 1" but each one will vary slightly. 

The bronze mask is hand cut from pure bronze and goes through an even longer firing time in the kiln separately than the silver. It's filed and sanded and textured before being soldered to the fine silver back plate. I then wire brush it, file and sand it some more and when I'm happy with the texture and after I've hand stamped your personalization, I oxidize the piece to leave dark in the low areas and to highlight the high areas. Finally it goes in a tumbler for a final glimmering polish and to add extra strength. This piece is attached to a 2mm sterling silver ball chain that has also been oxidized and hand sanded in some areas for a rustic look. Long process, Yes. But sooooo worth it!!


This piece is already sold but yours will be made to order and as close to an exact replica as possible. Allowing for slight differences in the handcrafted process. ** Please read our shop policies before completing your purchase and to view current production times**

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